Infographic Reflects Shoppers’ Concerns With In-Store Tracking

Infographic Reflects Shoppers’ Concerns With In-Store Tracking

A recent study by OpinionLab explored just how retail shoppers feel about new location and behavior tracking methods that have surged into the market. The study found key analytics that can help retailers and location-based marketers discover the next steps to take when implementing in-store tracking methods that won’t ward off customers.  It was found that shoppers’ greatest fears behind data collection and in-store tracking lie in trusting retailers with data, being tracked without consent and receiving no personal benefit from sharing their information. However, there’s still hope for retailers since 61% of shoppers said price discounts motivate them to opt-in to in-store tracking programs and 53% are motivated by free products. Overall, it’s likely that shoppers will be more accepting of tracking programs once they believe their data is safe and once they can see clear benefits from sharing data – including saving money and even improved experiences while in-store. You can view the full infographic here. 

Opinion Lab Infographic

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